River Island London Perfume Review

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River Island London Perfume Review

Hey guys, today I am reviewing the River Island London perfume. This is a pretty inexpensive perfume and only costs €13/£10 for 30ml. I have to say straight off the bat that I’m not crazy about the scent. I got it as a present and it’s a little too sweet for my taste. It’s a very girly scent but it a bit overpoweringly sweet and fruity.

I like the simple packaging of this perfume though; a purple bottle with round black top. I also really like the name because I love London. It’s one of my favourite places so I have absolutely no complaints about the name. It seems to last quiet a long time too and isn’t one of those perfumes that fades away in the first hour of wearing it. The only thing that’s getting me is the scent,it’s just not for me. Although, I’m not in love with the scent of this perfume, lots of other people seem to like it, including members of my family and other beauty bloggers online so I would recommend trying a sample in the shop to see what you make of it. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t either.

River Island describes this perfume as “sweet and cheeky”. They then go on to say,”you won’t resist this forbidden delight that gathers a mouthwatering fruity cocktail on top accompanied by addictive gourmand notes on the drydown. It is cool, effortless and a real statement fragrance for our chic girl.” If that sounds like something you would like then make sure to pop into your nearest River Island to see if they have it, or if you are a rebel, who will risk getting a scent that you mightn’t like, then you can order it here on River Island’s website

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