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Hey guys, today I will be doing the Secrets of Blogging Tag because I was tagged by the lovely Jessica from Sherbet Lemons and Lipsticks.Thanks Jessica for tagging me 🙂 Here is the tag:

1. When did you start blogging and why? 
I started blogging in May 2013 because I had been watching a lot of vlogs and thought that it would be something that I would really like to do. I basically started blogging so that I wouldn’t have to completely put myself out there with a video and so that I could build up to that over time. I also love to write and I liked the idea of having a little piece of the internet where I could write whatever I want. 

2. How many people in “real life” know about your blog?
Only my little sister knew about my blog for the first seven months but as it got better over time, I showed it to my close family and friends. None of my work or college friends (excluding my 4 best friends) know about my blog or my Youtube channel though. 

3. What are you favourite posts to read?
I like to read inspirational sort of blog posts or even just update/daily ones from people who live really somewhere completely different to me because everything they do is really different and interesting to read about. 

4. List a blog you have discovered recently
This isn’t someone that I’ve only recently discovered because I can’t think of any new ones that I found in the last few weeks but a blog that I like to read is What Molly Loves. I just find that Molly is very likable and it feels like I’m reading a blog belonging to a friend of mine when I read hers. It doesn’t matter what kind of post she posts, I’ll enjoy reading it. 

5. Which posts are you most proud of? 
It’s so difficult to pick only a few posts from all the ones I’ve done over the last year but the four that I settled on are Starting a Blog: Creating and Adding a Header, Using my Mom’s Makeup and Wardrobe, My Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup look, and My London Haul Look Book. I especially loved my look book and would love to do another one by the end of this year but it’s hard to do while I’m saving all my spare money that I have each month. 

6. Any advice for future bloggers?
Don’t over-think about what kind of posts your audience wants to see and try to do mostly post that you want to do. I think especially at the start, when you haven’t that many followers, you should experiment, see what kind of posts you like to do and find yourself as a blogger. Something that I’ve been worrying a bit about lately is trying to figure out what kind of vlogger/YouTuber I am because I know who I am and what I like, but when people only see a five minute video from you every week, it’s hard to show them every part of your personality and sometimes I don’t think I’m coming across as 100% as myself and am only showing one side of me. I’m trying to fix that and I have to keep reminding myself to be more creative and not to worry so much what my viewers think about every single little thing that I’m doing. So that’s my advice, don’t worry too much about what your viewers or readers will think because you can never keep everyone happy.

I tag Belle from Mascara and Maltesers, Chelsey from Makeup By Chelsey, Natalie from Coral Tinted Perceptions, and anyone else who wants to do this Tag, to do it next. 

Thanks again to Jessica for tagging me. I hope you liked this post! If you have done this tag, make sure to leave a link to it in the comments below so I can read them all 🙂 
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