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Hey guys, lately I’ve been trying not to spend as much money because I’m still trying to find a part-time job after returning from France and am rapidly going through my savings, so I thought this was a great time to do a shop my stash post. If you don’t know already, shop my stash is when you go through all of your makeup and beauty products and pick out things that you have either forgot about or just haven’t used in a long time, so basically its kind of like doing a haul of stuff you already have which is great if you are trying to save money! So here is what I picked:
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The first thing I picked was this Powder Trip palette by Soap and Glory that I got for Christmas which I love but completely forgot that I had it because of the way I had stored it in my makeup collection. I already mentioned this in a blog post before which you can read here. I can’t wait to start using this again, I can’t believe that I forgot that I had it.
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The next thing I picked is another Soap and Glory product, their Peaches and Clean cleansing milk. I love this cleansing milk and wrote a review about it which you can read here. When I went to France, I didn’t have room in my suitcase to pack it and then I forgot about it when I cam home four months later. I really love using this to remove my makeup and it always leaves my skin feeling so soft so I’m glad that I remembered that I had it.
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The next thing I chose is this Essie nail polish in the colour Mind Your Mittens. I love this colour and bought it in France right before I came home. I’d say I only wore it once or twice in France, and once I came home and unpacked I kind of forgot about it because have been mostly only wearing the same wine-y colour on my nails recently.

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The next thing I chose is Benefit’s The Porefessional. Lately I’ve been skipping the primer in my makeup routine because I’m always in a hurry whenever I’m doing my makeup. I do love how this primer gives my skin a flawless finish though so I’m gonna start using it again.

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The next two items I chose is a No 7 lipstick in the colour Gay Geranium and a Kiko lip liner to match. Together these two products create a bright orange-y toned lip. I really like the idea of a bright lip but sometimes I feel like I mightn’t be able to pull it off or that I might look like a bit of a clown so I’ve been avoiding using them. I really want to wear it sometime soon to at least try it out and see what everyone thinks of it. I might do a FOTD with it on my blog soon so you can let me know what you think.
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The last thing I chose is another Soap and Glory product. Clean On Me is my favourite shower gel but like a couple of other items in this post, I forgot about it when I came back from France. My mom had organised all my room and my bathroom for me before I came home so when Clean On Me wasn’t in my shower, I just used whatever was there, but now that I’ve found it again, it’s going straight back in my shower.
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So that was my Shop my Stash blog post, I hope you liked it. If you did, give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus. If you have done a Shop my Stash blog post before or have been inspired to by this one, leave a link to your blog post in the comments below because I would love to see them.
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