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Small Kiko Haul 1
Hey Guys! Today’s post is just a mini makeup haul from Kiko. I’d never heard of Kiko before but when my friend was in Belgium she got some and said it was great quality but at really affordable prices. I mainly went in there because I needed a new powder because my Rimmel Stay Matte had fell on the floor and smashed before I left for France and I can’t seem to find any Rimmel where I am in France. So the first thing I got was a powder. It was fairly averagely price at around €11 and is really good quality. I got the colour 02 soft light powder because I thought this colour looked quite translucent and I am pretty pale anyway if it wasn’t. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s pretty good, no better than Rimmel’s Stay Matte though which I will make sure to repurchase once I get home as it’s cheaper than the Kiko powder. The Kiko powder is just as good though so I don’t mind using it for the next four months.
The second thing I got was a lip liner for €2.50. I got in in the colour 705 which is a bright orangey-red colour that I thought would go perfect with my No. 7 lipstick Gay Geranium. I haven’t used it yet but for €2.50 where could you go wrong. One thing that I didn’t get but was amazingly priced was their lipstick. It was only like €3.90 and one of my friends made sure to pick one up. I haven’t really asked her about it but it seems to be good quality and she wears it a lot so I might pick one up the next time I’m in Kiko and see what they’re like.
Hope you like this post 🙂 Have you ever heard of Kiko before? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below.
Small Kiko Haul 2

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