Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review

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Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review 1
Hey guys, today I want to review the Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl set. I got this set for Christmas but you can buy a lot of these eyeliner kohls separately. Not only does the set come with five different colour smoulder kohls but I also comes with three gorgeous shades of eye shadow. 
Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review 2

The five colours of smoulder kohls that are in the set are Superblack (a black), Cocoa Bean (a brown), Aquabat (a metallic greenish colour), Blue My Mind ( a metallic blue colour) and Grapevine ( a metallic purple colour). I really like the quality of these pencils. They are really pigmented and waterproof. They are also perfect for smudging or smoking out with a brush but then if you don’t smoke them out they don’t end up all over your face, they stay put for a really long time. Here are some swatches of the colours and a picture of me wearing Aquabat:

Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review 3
Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review 4
I also really love the three eye shadows that come in the set. They are Aubersheen, Smokin’ and Dandy Plum. They are such pretty shimmery neutral shades. Here are the swatches:
Soap & Glory Crazy Sexy Kohl Review 5
Overall, I really like this set and don’t have anything bad to say about it. The smoulder kohls and eye shadows are really good quality and I love all the colours. I’m so glad I got this set. I might do a eye makeup look later this week with it for you all so make sure to check back to see that.
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