Strength & Persistence

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Strength & Persistence 1

Hey guys, I thought that I would just share this quote with ye all today because I soon as I saw it I felt better. I have a lot going on right now with trying to do well in my final year of college, a 9,000-13,000 word final year project that’s due in a few weeks, a part time job where my boss isn’t flexible with hours and expects me to work when I’ve class, and I am also trying not to let blogging or my YouTube channel slide. It’s gonna take a lot of hard work over the next twelve weeks to keep on top of things and get the best possible grades I can get.

I got my exam results yesterday and they were better than I was expecting which means I might actually be able to do as well as my sister did if I work really hard this semester. The stress has been getting to me every couple of days and I feel like falling apart or panicking- it doesn’t help that lots of unexpected inconveniences keep appearing like lecturers changing classes. I need to keep this quote in mind. I remember when I thought I couldn’t get through last semester and I did. Whatever happens, it will all be over in a few months either way – and I think at that time I will deserve two days in bed with every episode of whatever T.V. show I want 😛

If you are have a lot going on or are just going through a tough time then just remember that you are stronger than this and you will get through it. It is making you a stronger person, and life would be pretty boring without any challenges in it, wouldn’t it? I’m wishing you the best and hoping you will succeed. If you would like to leave a comment below telling me some of the things that are bothering you feel free. I know I haven’t been keeping up very well with answering comments but I will get around to them eventually (at the real worst, it will be in the summer) and I’ll make sure to answer any comments on this post as soon as I can because I am here if anyone is feeling crappy or like they are struggling. Talk to you guys soon.

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