The Ice Bucket Challenge

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Hey guys, today I wanted to share with you my ice bucket challenge. If you are completely sick of them by now then feel free to skip it haha. The ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness and funds for motor neuron disease/ ALS that has affected many people such as Stephen Hawking and Lou Gehrig. The strangest, and most scary, thing about it is that it can start to affect you in your twenties, thirties or even older with no previous signs in your younger years. Stephen Hawking started suffering from it when he was 21, the same age as me. Scientists and people are baffled at this disease and are not sure why it happens. Donating money for research that is vital if we are ever going to fully understand this disease or come up with a cure so I hope we can get as many people to donate as possible, and don’t worry, you can donate without having to get a bucket of water thrown over your head 😛
To donate text MND to 50300 (Ireland)
The Ice Bucket Challenge 1
The Ice Bucket Challenge 2

Sharing is caring!


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