What’s In My Bag

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Hey guys! How are you all? So recently I bought a new handbag and decided to show you all what’s in my bag. I hope you enjoy the video below and if you do then make sure to subscribe to my channel so my new videos will appear in your subscription feed. 
Here is link to the video in case the embedded player doesn’t work on the device you are using. 
Talk to you guys soon. 
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What’s In My Bag?

Hey guys! Today I am doing my first ever “what’s in my bag” blog post. I’ve wanted to do one of these for a while so here it is:
My current bag is a black over-sized one that I got from Pennys for €13 sometime in the last month. I tend to usually use big bags that I can throw loads of stuff in, including notebooks and small books during the college semester so that I don’t have to wear a backpack.
What's In My Bag? 4
Here are the contents of my bag right now:
What's In My Bag? 5

I’ll start with the messy part of my bag. I have some old payslips from work, old movie tickets, an old receipt with my hours for work written on it, and a couple of tissues that I took from McDonalds because I always like to have some tissues with me in case I need them.

What's In My Bag? 6

The next few things I have are my book of the Ring that I am currently reading as research for my final year project in college which starts next semester, my River Island wallet that I got for Christmas, a bottle of water, and some rice cakes because I am always running around between work, college, the library and the gym, and I sometimes don’t have time to get food so I have rice cakes in my bag to snack on two or three until I get home or can get food. It’s not always as healthy as rice cakes though, most of the time it’s a packet of biscuits or some Tayto crisps đŸ˜›

What's In My Bag? 7

Next I have my academic journal where I write my to-do list for each day (click here to see a tutorial on how to make it), a small notebook where I write all of my ideas for videos and blog posts, a Mac lipstick in Viva Glam V, some lip balm, a really cool looking pad holder by Always, a cheap mp3 player for the gym, my crappy Nokia phone, and the long strap that came with my bag that I prefer not to use.

What's In My Bag? 8
So that was everything that’s in my bag. I hope you liked this post. If you did, please give it a like on Bloglovin or a +1 on Google Plus. Do you carry anything strange around with you in your bag, if so, leave a comment below telling me about it.
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