15 Zendaya Street Style Outfits That Make Me Excited about Fashion

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Zendaya Street Style Outfits collage of 3 My style has changed a lot in the last two years. I’ve become a lot more daring in creating looks, and not as worried about people pointing out that what I’m wearing is weird or commenting that they don’t like it. I’ve also been having a lot more fun putting outfits together in new creative ways with clothes I already own.


I haven’t bought anything new in what feels like an eternity, and I can pretend that it was down to lockdown but really I guess I just don’t buy new clothes very often, yearly if I’m lucky. Lately, I feel as though I’ve gotten to the point with the clothes I own, that I feel I’ve made all the combinations I possibly can and a few new items are in order.


So I’ve been scouring the internet for some style inspiration because just going into a shop, not knowing even a slight idea of what I’m looking for, leads to me getting fed up pretty quickly.


There are a few celebrity’s I usually search for when coming up with ideas, like Ariana Grande, the Kardashian/ Jenners, Cara Delevingne or Lady Gaga, but someone whose style I haven’t given too much attention to before is Zendaya.


Just one scroll of the search results for “Zendaya Street Style Outfits” on Pinterest shows a number of outfits that are really fun and fashion-forward. I think the thing I like the most about Zendaya’s style is that she isn’t scared of taking risks or taking a look to the next level. She isn’t afraid to try completely different looks in completely different categories, and each one of them seems to work. She also wears a lot of casual looks in a unique way which makes her the perfect style inspiration for me because my favourite styles are edgy/casual/leisure.


Here are 15  Zendaya Street Style Outfits I Found That Make Me Excited about Fashion 

(in no particular order)

image of zendaya street style outfits | black outfit with crop sweatshirt

The addition of the high lace-up ankle boots really took this look in a whole different direction to how most people might wear it. This look inspires me to try pairing items that seem like they wouldn’t go together to create new fun looks.


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Long Black Leather Jacket High Ankle Boots

I really love the long oversized leather coat and the contrast between the sort of silky satin material of the dress underneath it. Ankle boots are one of my favourite items so I usually love them paired with most looks. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Casual Fashion Look with ankle boots and hat

I love the mix of casual/ street style and more dressy/formal of this look. Just adding the high ankle boots and the long coat changed this look from a typical casual look to something new and unique. 



Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Red sweats with long beige coat

This look is similar to the last look in that Zendaya took a really casual outfit and dressed it up with heels and a long coat. Just seeing the above two looks inspires me so much to have fun creating new looks in this way. 



Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Camo army pants, ankle boots and cap

Camo is one of my favourite things in the world so camo looks usually have my vote. The addition of high ankle boots to this look took it to the next level though.  


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Basketball style shirt with denim dungarees and dark purple lip

I just love the dark lip with this casual look. These type of looks always appeal to me because she looks so cosy and amazing at the same time; The best of both worlds. 



Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Casual look with pencil skirt

I would have never thought to wear a pencil/midi skirt in such a casual way. Just seeing this picture makes mind almost explode with all the possibilities of looks that I have never even thought of before. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Patterned skirt with striped shirt

This is one of the more dressy picks of my Zendaya street style outfits but I love the contrast between the pattern of the shirt and the skirt. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | 70's style fashion look with high leather boots

This sort of 70s look is really cool with the high over the knee boots. I also love the shade of the jacket and boots. So cool! 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Mint fashion look

This is another of the fancier of my Zendaya street style outfits but I like the use of all mint except for the pop of contrast with the shoes. I don’t know if I would ever wear something like this but it’s an inspiring look. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Pink suit with white heels

I love this pink suit on Zendaya. She looks amazing. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Suit with braces look

This grey suit look is very Julia Roberts with the red curly hair. Any look that breaks down the gender norms usually has my vote, plus I’ve a new obsession with braces/suspenders lately so I had to include this look. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Oversized pants with white tee

Love this casual yet funky look. The oversized pants are so cool on her. Reminds me of John Lennon. This and the last look, make me remember to not just look to current celebrity looks for fashion inspiration, but also to look back at celebrity looks in other time periods. 


Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Army pants with black leather jacket look

Camo pants. It’s a vote from me. I like this because I really want camo pants and this gives me an idea of what kind of looks I could make with them. Also, ankle boots. I think I’m starting to see a pattern in why I like Zendaya’s looks so much. 



Zendaya Street Style Outfits | Ripped jeans look with cropped hoody

These ripped jeans… I love them. I have ripped jeans with like a tiny rip on the knees but these ones alone made me include this look. 


I don’t know what it is about Zendaya but it’s like the more you find out about her, the cooler she is. I have a secret “People Inspo” board on Pinterest where I put pins of people and characters with different traits I admire and Zendaya features a lot on it. She seems really wise, down-to-earth and fun.., and creative with her style and self-expression of course. 


I hope you liked these 15 Zendaya Street Style Outfits That Make Me Excited about Fashion. If you liked this post, make sure to pin it on Pinterest. I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon. 

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